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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Develop your career

Have you ever thought about the direction you want your career to take? What skills are needed to help you find fulfillment in that career? How to reach it?

At Global Academy you can then learn the skills you need to get ahead; and find out how to deal with the challenges you'll face, in a graceful and seemingly effortless way.

Global Academy for Training and Development  based in Egypt and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with representation in France and United States of America.

 Global Academy adopts a strong unique strategic vision which is offering the Best Practice methodology and approach for Human and Organizational Development in consultancy, training, employee selection and recruitment of the best calibers in Egypt and the Middle East area. Our sustainable edge lies in a very strong and prestigious steering committee of high profile academics and practitioners especially in the human resources, banking and financial fields.  Starting from developing standard operational manuals, organizational charts and job descriptions, organizational restructuring, selection and recruitment, creating tailor made special programs based on the exact needs of customers to meet each clients’ specific requirements and serve to achieve the predefined organizational goals and objectives.

 It adapts all curricula and methodologies to address the specific needs without losing sight of the international context and best practices.

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