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Monday, May 11, 2015

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Global Academy Training Center
Global Academy Training Center
When you are new to your job, you usually don’t have time for yourself let alone have time to train yourself to be better to qualify or exceed with your current position. When you are working, you need to constantly improve yourself and prove your value by improving your overall performance at all times with educating yourself and advancing yourself ahead of your competition.

Global Academy is the leading human development center in Egypt and MENA region due to the fact that they have a wide range of technical, leadership and managerial programs that are delivered by the best professional instructors in the local market that hold top international expertise.

Global Academy’s Training Packages Include:
-    Credit & Finance Banking Operations
-    Treasury & Investment
-    Risk Management
-    Accounting
-    Audit
-    Financial Analysis and Islamic Banking

Join Global Academy today to expand the boundaries of your knowledge and improve your techniques and personal skills to be able to support your career and receive advice from your peers who share your common interest. They will be able to deliver insights that you will need to improve your results at your own organization or be able to qualify for the position that you desire.