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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Importance of Training & Development

Training & development have a major impact on your career’s success. As being trained and developed for what you will be facing in your job has many advantages like:
  • ·         Help in overcoming weaknesses
  • ·         Improvement in your performance
  • ·         Consistency in duty performance
  • ·         Increased productivity
  • ·         Improved quality of services and products
  • ·         Reduction in supervision

Nevertheless these are only small advantages as when you are trained and developed you will be aware of the latest trends in your market, and what should be done for you to do no mistakes. Recently a lot of Training & development companies opened to make sure that employers are taught and positioned in the most suitable working environment matching their qualifications.
One of the companies that provide excellent training & development for variety of sectors is Global Academy for Training and Development, a dynamic organization based in Egypt and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with representation in France and United States of America. Global Academy adopts a strong unique strategic vision which is offering the Best Practice methodology and approach for Human and Organizational Development in consultancy, training, employee selection and recruitment of the best calibers in Egypt and the Middle East area.
Everyone could be hired and perform a good job, but imagine if you are equipped with the latest knowledge in the field you are in, and if you are aware of what should be done in crucial situations, what will be the difference then?
A simple answer would be perfection. As many organizations fail because the lack a good human intellect that if acquired, great development will be awaiting such firm.
With that being said please share your comments on how essential is training and development nowadays? And if you ever joined a training program, how helpful was it for you?

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